Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Crispery

I am still on my Rice Krispie Treat kick and I just had to share this genius of a store with you! Have you ever heard of The Cripsery before?! It sounds divine and I am going to place an order as soon as I find an excuse to do so.

Their flavors sound amazing! Caramel & Marshmallow, Crispy S'more and Peanut Butter Cripsy are just a few of the mouth watering options.

Check out The Crispery online and I guarantee you it will be hard to click off the site without placing an order!


Jackie said...

These were the snack of the day when I went to the Rachael Ray show- they were really good, but really sweet. There was a LOT of marshmellow, if you're into that. All in all-yummy!

Christi Bennett @ pisforparty said...

Thanks for the info Jackie!

Unknown said...

looks delicious! great idea for packaging your own krispy treats too!

Aimee Friedrich said...

wow, yummm!

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