Tuesday, February 15, 2011

{Real Parties} Jacquelyn's Skate Party & Ice Cream Shoppe


I'm excited to share this party with you because it shows how you can nicely dress up a party space, such as a roller rink in this case, without spending a lot of money. My friend and fellow blogger (small world story below!), Vanessa of One Haute Kid, hosted a skating and Ice-Cream Shoppe party for her daughter, Jacquelyn, this past weekend. In Vanessa's words, "My goal was to try and hide a bit of the gaudy roller skating decor that is standard with all roller rinks and keep it sweet, girly and pretty." Nick and I were guests at the party, and let me tell you, it was SO CUTE and Vanessa succeeded in her goal!

Here are the party details as told by Vanessa...

I covered the horrific plastic tablecloths the roller rink supplied with brown bulletin board paper I found at a teacher supply store. The paper is very thick and rolls out smoothly with no wrinkles. A big roll was $15 and was more than enough to cover three large cafeteria style tables.

The place settings were just standard party supplies paper plates, but I hand rolled the plastic wear the night before to save time setting up. The edible waffle bowls were from
Walmart (and I tried several grocery stores and Walmart was the only one who had them) 10 for $2. The old fashion paper ice cream parlor hats were from Praire Moon Beverage Shop and they were the only pre-order thing that arrived on time.

To keep the details simple, easy and give the decor a cohesive design I wrapped the water bottles, whip cream cans and made the table signs all from a book of scrapbook paper I had on hand. I found all the scrapbook paper and the ceramic white square table stands at
Michaels craft store.

And my silver lining in all the chaos were the ice cream straw cups I found last minute at Arnie's Party Supply in Houston. It was total luck that I found them the day before and so many for so cheap since my original favors were held hostage by UPS.

The brand is Krazy Straws and you can order them online here.

Nick and I had to scoot out early, but when the kids sat down for snacks after skating, they were treated to ice cream sundaes in their edible waffle bows that were at each place setting. Toppings included crushed Oreos, gummy bears, sprinkles, cherries and whip cream!

Vanessa wrote two cute preliminary posts before the party recap which you can see here and here.

On to my small world story! Vanessa's daughter and my son, Nick, are in the same preschool class!! For the longest time, neither one of us had any idea that the other wrote a blog!! Vanessa writes a popular blog called One Haute Kid. It is full of decor, party and fashion ideas. I always enjoy reading her posts! She is currently knee deep into her kitchen renovation, so I am really enjoying reading about the process! I think you will love her too!


HiLLjO said...

Love ice cream and love a party themed in it! The colors are sooo cute!!! There's no remnants of the skate rink decorations! ;o) Those ice cream cups are adorable.
So sorry about your shipping woes! Looks like it worked out for the best, though!

Save the Date for Cupcakes said...

Make the best of it is what I say~ she did an awesome job!

Unknown said...

Super cute! I am loving those cups too :)

Sandra Downie said...

Very cute...looks like a fun time!

0s0-Pa said...

Some of the cutest party supplies ive ever seen! Im sure all the kids and parents loved it! Thanks for sharing.

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