Friday, May 29, 2009

Party Tip: Post-it Notes

photo credit: samtherocker on flickr

I may be stating the obvious, but I have always found it very helpful to label serving pieces with post-it notes the day before a party.  Even though I am usually very organized, the day of is always hectic.  The post-it notes help me to not have to think about what food is going where when I am pressed for time.  Better yet, if I have someone helping me out before a party, they can look at the post-its to see where the food goes without having to ask!


Kristen said...

Oh Christi, my mom and you will get along PERFECT. She has done this for organized!

Missy said...

what a good idea! i'm a post-it fan, but never used them for this.. it's always nice to get just one more thing taken care of before the big day.

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