Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Real Parties: Harrison's World

Creative mom Haley is back with another great party for her little boy who turned one! She managed (although I am not surprised) to pull off an Elmo party in style. The Sesame Street colors were everywhere, but looked great in all of the right places.
Welcome to Harrison's World!

I am very impressed...Haley MADE this sign by wrapping cardboard tubing with green duct tape and attaching the poster board sign to styro-board.

The letter boxes were a cinch to make. Haley decorated white shipping boxes with letters and placed them, along with large crayons, around the house.

The cute signs were inspired by the Sesame Street logo and credits at the end of each show.

Next to each buffet item, Haley noted on food cards whose favorite food was what...such as "Elmo Loves Pizza", "Cookie Monster Loves Cookies".

Guests took home live fish (Dorothy) as party favors!

Of course an Elmo party would not be complete without a visit from the star himself along with his pal Abby Cadabby! The duo led the guests in songs and dances and then everyone got to pose for a picture.

Other Vendor Information:

All photography by Candid Chic Photography
Harrison's Elmo jon jon was from Ebay seller, Izzy B Designs
The party hat was made by Gingham Bunny Embroidery, also from Ebay


Tiffany said...

I just saw your blog on Amanda's website last week (after her Tiny party). My daughter will be turning 2 in Feb - she loves Elmo's World so I'm succumbing to the fact that I will be having an Elmo birthday party (after saying I would never do it..I'm learning never to say never with kids!). I sat up looking for cute ideas last night (it's not too early to start, right?) & then saw this post today...perfect! I will definietly be coming back to this post for ideas. Thanks!

Alexis said...

So great...I love all the details and the fish as favors!

Ingrid said...

This was one awesome party. I really loved the street sign. How original! The birthday boy is adorable!

Shelley said...

Too cute! I love the fish bowl decoration with Elmo in it!

Unknown said...

love the street sign and this party is brought to you by sign-too cute!

sweet tea in a pink glass said...

I have enjoyed reading your blog, you have some cute ideas, I love them! But I was wondering if you had any creative baby shower game ideas.

Beth Dunn said...

Wow you are good! xoxo

The Brokaws said...

Can you suggest a party rental place in Houston?

The Brokaws said...


Thanks so much for responding. I guess the reason why I am having trouble is because I just need a small tent for a backyard birthday party and a few white chairs. I didn't know if it was best to deal with the large rental places that normally have big events or if I should try and find someplace smaller.

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