Thursday, November 5, 2009

Real Parties: Cupcakes & Cocktails

Without further ado, here are the pictures from the Cupcakes + Cocktails event I coordinated for great friends! It was so nice to have the opportunity to dive back into the professional party planning world, even if it was just for a short time.
As always, my friend Hayley Hardcastle came up with the perfect invitation for the soiree!

Since the bride is having her wedding in November, the colors of the party reflected the rich colors of fall...burgundy, pumpkin orange, gold & chocolate brown.

A Fare Extraordinare catered the event and the food was delicious! The focus of the evening, as you can imagine, was the cupcakes + cocktails station. AFE styled the area to perfection with the help of floral designer, Events in Bloom.

Cupcakes were displayed on stacked lucite boxes.

Three signature drinks were offered that evening and each had a special name that related to the bride and the wedding. The drink names were printed on swanky paper and displayed in a gorgeous frame.

To further help the ladies decide which drink they wanted to order, we had a tray with a mock up of each beverage.

The cupcake choices were also displayed on a menu for guests to read.

Mini grilled cheese sandwiches cut out in the shapes of hearts along with tomato basil soup shots were passed around to party guests.

Since this was a cupcake party, what better favors to offer guests than cupcake mixes elegantly packaged! Guests could choose whether they wanted to take home a chocolate or champagne mix. The brown satin ribbon indicated the chocolate and the gold ribbon indicated the champagne flavor.

Thank you Kristen, Cindy and Paige for asking me to help make this a memorable event! Hopefully we can come up with another party one day soon!

Angela Francis of Bella Smile Photography documented the evening.


b.a.s.h.ful custom event kits said...

so cute! cupcakes and cocktails are like my faves in the world! :) i will have to borrow your idea for my gf's bridal shower!! :) yayee! great party!

Chris @ Celebrations At Home said...

So elegant. I love the theme!

Unknown said...

Great photos...loved being a part of the event and meeting you!


Enchanted Expectations said...

Very sweet and elegant. You throw the best party. I love cupcakes but I think my favorite was the shot of tomato basil soup with heart shaped grilled cheese sandwiches. Love Love Love!

Sidney said...

I loved all the details you incorporated for the party! So fabulous!

CAKE Creative Co. said...

this party is beautiful- great job!

Marilyn *Pink Martinis and Pearls* said...

Just found you and LOVE your blog! :)

Genevieve Richer said...

LOVE your blog! You're girl Paige is a ROCKSTAR! Great theme! Loved the invites, please share the source!

Candy and Cake Sugar Designs said...


Anonymous said...

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Archie Pavia said...

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Ashley said...

Really looks fabulous. I was wondering, how many cupcakes did you have for the party? 1 of each flavor per guest?
I'm trying to throw the same kind of party for my sister's bridal shower, so any insight you have would be helpful. I was thinking of have 3 different cupcake choices, but I wasn't sure if I could really expect everyone to eat 3 whole cupcakes!

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