Thursday, December 10, 2009

Boxed Invitation Design

I have the pleasure of helping coordinate another event for a family I have known for quite some time. The parents are hosting a dinner in honor of their oldest daughter who has received her PhD. Close family and friends have been invited to their home for a 10 course meal. My mouth was watering when I read what the chef will be serving!

The decor has a modern feel and the colors are teal, silver and white with possibly a few peacock accents. We turned to no other than my friend Hayley Hardcastle to design the special boxed invitation. Inside each box were two champagne flutes tied together with silver ribbon and then the invitation with the party details. The party is this weekend, so I will hopefully have pictures to share with you soon!


Enchanted Expectations said...

Very beautiful!

birthday girl said...

very pretty colors! looking forward to seeing the pictures

Brad Delson said...

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