Monday, October 24, 2011

{DIY} Halloween Wreaths


Halloween is almost here! If you are lacking in the holiday's decor around your house, start here, with a DIY wreath. Each of these examples is easy to assemble and won't take all day. Plus, you can save the wreath and reuse each year!






Links to Tutorials:


Anonymous said...

Hi Christi - LOVING these wreaths. I have one more for you to peak at:
Thanks for sharing these!

Jilly said...

Christi, you are genius in wreath making. Well, that second one is my favorite. I want to make one, before this Christmas. Thanks for sharing beautiful styles of wreath in various style.
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Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

Amazing hangings! I am going to try them for my home. Other than Halloween, these can also be used to decorate your room.
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AmandaOrleander said...

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