Thursday, June 4, 2009


To some, this may seem ridiculous, but if you are anything like me and are always thinking of the next party to plan, here is another excuse!  Giving birth is not the most glamorous thing you will do in your life, but you can sure make the most out of it.  Why not turn that already special day into more of a celebration?!  Here are pictures from a friend's hospital stay and what she did to dress up the hospital room.  DON'T WORRY...these are only aesthetic shots!

Monogrammed napkins from Hayley Hardcastle.
Monogrammed scrubs from Dear Johnnies.  This was the best investment I made during my hospital stay!
Monogrammed bag for the new arrival and his belongings

Precious pink scrubs for the soon to be big sister!


Chris @ Celebrations At Home said...

What a great idea this is!!

Christen said...

WOW! Can you just plan my next birth?!

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