Monday, June 29, 2009

July Fourth: Drink Ideas

Here are two refreshing drinks I plan to make this weekend...

Watermelon Cooler

image via Southern Living

The watermelon wedges on the glasses are what caught my eye. Then, I read the recipe and thought "yum!" I'm not a big fan of watermelon, but this drink recipe from Southern Living sounds good.

Cherry Limeade

image via Taste of Home

I made this non-alcoholic beverage last summer when I was pregnant and it was delicious! Plus, the recipe calls for a sugar substitute (I used Splenda), so that really cuts down on the calories.  It's perfect for kids too!

** side note: if you happen to click on the image credit link for the watermelon cooler, you might notice it leads you to a different recipe. The magazine offers two versions and I prefer the one I listed, but liked this picture better. =)


Missy said...

well.. you were looking for a reason to make those drink flags... i'd say you found it!

Unknown said...

love the watermelon garnish!

Unknown said...

these drinks look delicious! the fourth of july seems like one of those holidays that begs for good food and fabulous drinks!

thanks for the comment on our blog, and especially for the lemons to lemonade idea! the guests of honor LOVED everything and were especially touched by all of the little details.

Anonymous said...

Yum, yum, yum! Those look like really great drinks.

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