Friday, August 7, 2009

Real Parties: A is for Austin

My good friend Angela, who I used to work with at Belle of the Ball, just celebrated the first birthday of her second son, Austin. You may remember the fabulous football party she planned for her first little man, Parker. She's back with another amazing party! This time, the theme revolved around the letter "A" and the alphabet. There are so many great pictures and ideas to share!

The cute and simple kids table. Perfect for the little ones!

Angela cut out different shaped "A's" from poster board and painted them in coordinating colors.

Lanterns and painted "A's" hung from different lengths above the food table in the kitchen.

Angela was tempted to order a mantel and highchair banner from Etsy, but in the end, decided to give it a try herself. She did a GREAT job! The mantel pictures came from Walmart, which she had printed in a sepia tone with an artsy border. She then attached the pictures to scrap book paper using double sided tape. The last step was to hole punch holes and weave ribbon through.

Angela used Microsoft Publisher to design the highchair garland. She cut out the pieces with scissors and did not even use a cricut!

The precious bib came from Etsy seller, Blooming Babies.

The yummy cakes came from Celebrations & Sweet Creations.

A simple rubber stamp added to white paper plates shows how Angela loves to pay attention to even the tiniest detail.

I LOVED the sign-in book! It was a photo book (from Walmart Photo). Each page had a picture of Austin and represented a letter from the alphabet which correlated to something in Austin's "V is for Vero Beach" where Angela was born and where they travel to often.

Each child received a personalized favor bag.

The proud parents with the birthday boy!

** To make the A that greeted guests at the front door, Angela cut out the letter from poster board and then glued on crinkled up tissue paper. Very easy and inexpensive!


Yocumotion said...

ok i am now going to HAVE to make the picture chair banner!!! whew....girl!
what a sweet party
You are making me nervous...i hope you like Tiny's party :/
! love ya~

Kim - The TomKat Studio said...

Very cute! Love the "A" sign on the front door and the easy idea of stamping the plates!

Jenn said...

Please contact me,

Shannon Jones said...

How did you get started in this? I love planning parties and am looking for some supplemental income to stay home with my DD.

Christi Bennett @ pisforparty said...

Hi Shannon! I left you a message/comment under your "One Already!" post yesterday. I wasn't sure how else to get back to you on your question. Please let me know if it did not go through. Thanks for visiting!

Unknown said...

wow! this is a great party1 love the book, the personalized tags on the goody bags, the fact that she cut those scallops by hand and the big letter A. great stuff!!

scapogrossi said...

I love this idea! Any ideas what the invitation said? I'm trying to come up with a cute verse and can not think of one!!

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