Monday, November 8, 2010

Playgroup Party: Operation Give Thanks!

My youngest, Conrad, is in a playgroup with the cutest group of kids and the most fun moms! I love when we get together every few weeks! I signed up to host the Halloween get together and decided at the last minute to make it about Operation Give Thanks as soon as I learned about the program from sweet Amy of Stem Parties. She is involved in the most amazing organization, Operation Shower. If you are not familiar with the group or would like to learn more, please visit their website.

My oh my...please forgive my photography skills!!! They are lacking. And apparently, I can't spell either. Read on for that side story!


Life has been hectic lately (in a good way!), so I was not able to work on the party until the last minute. I really wanted to use colors that you typically do not associate with Halloween parties and I also wanted to keep it cheerful since the party was for 2-year-olds. I decided on a color scheme of turquoise and orange and Kristy from Posh Pixels Design Studio SAVED the day. I sent out a Facebook plea at the last minute and she quickly came to my rescue with custom printables! And as I mentioned before, the OGT part fell into place the night before, so Kristy whipped up a sign to match the other paper goodies. You may recognize the design from Tanya's gorgeous rustic Halloween dessert table on Save the Date for Cupcakes!

***SO EMBARRASSED, but I cannot tell you how last minute the decor came together. I was running around like a chicken with it's head cut off. It wasn't until the middle of the party that one of my friends let me know I placed the letters in the wrong order on TREAT!! Woops! =) *****



I brought Conrad's bookshelf from his room into the playroom to serve as our treat area. I have loved seeing how people repurpose furniture into their party design and I wanted to give it a try as well.



It was sugar overload for the kiddos! I served cupcakes with candy pumpkins on top, mini powdered sugar donuts, the most beautiful and delicious sugar cookies made by a friend, and specialty popcorn from Chocolate Pizazz. I also had clementines out to balance out the sugar. Of course we did not have many takers on those!




As an activity, I purchased inexpensive wooden masks from Michael's and set them out on a craft table along with an assortment of markers. The kids loved scribbling all over them!




I know Halloween has come and gone, but this color scheme AND the amazing charity the party benefited can be used all year long!


Custom printables - Posh Pixels Design Studio
THANK YOU Kristy for coming to my aid at the last minute!!!

Cookies - Nathalie Cook (Houston area),

Craft materials, cupcake wrappers and ribbon - Michael's


Lili said...

this is so much fun!

A Blissful Nest said...

Christi- this is fabulous! I love turquoise and orange together.

Jessica said...

LOVE the color scheme! May need to "borrow" it for a small kids' thanksgiving party!

...and the bunting...little goofs like that make the best memories. "Trick or Treat" is forgettable. "Tricke or Trat", well that one is just a keeper! :)


Galena said...

Chris, I love the turqouise touch.... and I cannot tell you how much I love that you showed the "spelling incident". Usually we see so many picture perfect stylings, it's easy to forget we all make mistakes :) Adorable!

Ivona@Sugarsticks Parties

JC's Loft said...

Oh I love the colors you picked, so unique! Everything looks fabulous! You did such a great job and for a wonderful cause : )

Unknown said...

How CUTE! I'm loving the color palette! I'm waiting to use that one. The bookcase looks adorable with the sweets!

Anonymous said...

This is adorable!! I love the color scheme. . . so pretty. I think it's clever that you brought in the bookshelf from another room to accommodate the party.

Unknown said...

What a precious party! You did a great job! And can I tell you how many things are out of whack at my parties? You did great!

Unknown said...

so cute!

Shelley said...

Last minute or not, it looks GREAT!!!

Shelley @

Natalie {Designer Bags and Dirty Diapers} said...

I am so impressed by your last minute playgroup party! I love the label cards and all the treats look amazing! And placing the letters wrong is so something I would have done in a rush too!

Unknown said...

I would have totally done something like that too with the banner. It is ADORABLE. and I obviously love the color combo, that is what we did in Julian's nursery :) Great party, great cause.

Chris @ Celebrations At Home said...

Christi, this is so cute and we have all been there(re: the banner)! I love that you did this for OGT, too! ; D

Brittany Schwaigert said...

So pretty! I love the off-beat color scheme!

Save the Date for Cupcakes said...

Love it in those colors!! Kristy is amazing! Such a cute party for a great cause!

Sandi said...

So cute. It looks great in the little shelf! and I love those cupcakes & cookies.
Cute Cute Cute!

Unknown said...

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Kori Clark said...

Great Job! Kristy is so great and the printables turned out adorable! I love the bright color scheme!

kristen said...

SO CUTE!! i love it. love the turquoise and orange A LOT.

Becca said...

Gorgeous! Operation Shower is such a great program!

Amy Ro. said...

what a perfect color combo! totally love it and so fresh for halloween =)

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