Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Pencil Invitation

Don't you just love this save-the-date idea?! I have had it saved in one of my many party planning binders for years and have always wanted to find an excuse to use it. I have noticed many bloggers throwing back-to-school bashes. This pencil bundle would be a perfect invitation! Not to mention actually useful as well.


Lorie said...

*gasp* I love this idea! And what a fun back to school party invite!! Too bad we already started school!

It would also be a really fun idea for a teacher's retirement party.

Alexis said...

Great idea...I love ideas that are "outside of the box" how fun to get these in the mail.

the tichenor family said...

Adorable idea!! Hayley is working on invites & designs for my son's 2nd birthday... maybe we can make our P is for Party debut!

Anonymous said...

soooo cool! going to tell my friend that is a teacher about this. she is getting married next year! thanks for the post!

Rechelle said...

Awesome Idea!

Anonymous said...

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