Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Please Vote for P is for Party

I was so excited when I received an e-mail last week letting me know that P is for Party had been nominated to the Top 25 Party Plannin' Blogs list on Circle of Mom's! I am truly honored and was quite surprised! My personality is kind of funny...I can be competitive, but then again, I avoid confrontation at all costs and never like to hurt peoples feelings. With that said, asking for votes feels kind of funny, but another part of me would absolutely LOVE to make it in the top 25 or even in the top 10!

If you enjoy reading P is for Party, your vote of support would mean so much to me. You can vote ONCE a DAY up until April 11th. You can vote HERE.


A sincere thank you!


Elizabeth Ann @ Elizabeth Ann's Recipe Box said...

Ok! Didn't realize I could vote once a day! :-) Let the daily voting begin! :-) So proud of you friend!

Ashley C. said...

I voted for you because I just love your blog! Good luck!

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